About Burton Interiors

Burton Interiors is a specialized division within Burton Construction that focuses solely on interior renovation and tenant improvements. Our interiors team brings an unparalleled set of skills, experience, and integrity. Through these attributes, Burton Interiors has solidified a confidence with clients, architects, and subs alike.

We offer responsive communication, quality, and economical services with an expertise in project delivery including: design-build, design assist, and competitive bid methods. We blend industry-specific elements into each build-out and you’ll find the Burton signature literally everywhere; from sports facilities to theaters and educational centers to executive suites. Our all-inclusive renovations and improvements also encompass multi-tenant/multi-tenant floor, headquarters, training facilities, government interiors and hospitality.

We believe the success of any project depends on a builder-client relationship that is committed to establishing common goals and objectives from the onset. It takes an integrated team, from owner to architect/design group to contractor, to facilitate this process. In addition, creating a supportive work environment to enhance open communication among all team members is essential.

Working alongside and supporting your design team we can provide budgetary and scheduling guidance which will facilitate the decision making process and allow the project to stay on schedule and budget through both the design and construction phases.